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Welcome to Applegarth Gardens & Nursery
and Bredon Self-catering Cottage in Hogsback

Applegarth Gardens and Nursery exemplify the beauty and serenity of Hogsback. The Gardens are approximately 4 ha in extent, and the owners justifiably take great pride in them.

The property is named after Applegarth, a County of Dumfriesshire in Scotland. Herbert Wilson (the originator of the Gardens) married a young girl from this County. To make her feel at home he named the property Applegarth and  built a stone house like the houses in Scotland with which his young bride would have been familiar.

The property was essentially a retreat for the Wilsons. Mr. Wilson was the founder of the Wilson-Rowntree chocolate and sweets factory (now Nestlé’s) in East London. If you have lived in South Africa for some time, you may therefore have contributed towards the creation of these gardens!  Not only is Applegarth a wonderful piece of history, but it has also become our home ….. in so many ways.

Bredon Cottage at Applegarth is a lovely thatched stone cottage, tucked away at the edge of the indigenous Afro-montane forest, with excellent views of the Tyhume Valley and surrounding mountains.

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