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About Hogsback

One's overwhelming sense of Hogsback is the quiet, broken only by the singing of birds or the primeval call of the Knysna Lourie - even the chatter of a troop of Samango monkeys as they feed and play in the canopies of trees.

Hogsback houses among the trees

This village, high up on the Amathole mountains and surrounded by centuries-old indigenous Afro-montane forests, has a dramatic natural beauty. Look towards the mountains and escarpment and you see several waterfalls.

The Hogsback Pass

In the other direction you can see the Tyume valley and beyond. Overlooking it all are the "three Hogs". From the top of Gaika's Kop (1700 m) you have a panoramic view: The Elandsberg mountains and the Seymour valley, even the coastline some 120 km away as the crow flies.

Cape Parrot

You are likely to see a long-crested eagle or crowned eagle riding the thermals, in search of its next meal. In the late afternoon you may be fortunate enough to hear - even see - a few of the highly endangered Cape Parrots returning home after a long day out, feeding. They nest in the Yellowwood trees in the indigenous forest.

And in winter you may find even the lower-lying parts of the village covered by a blanket of snow. A silent winter wonderland that seems far removed from the hot days and noisy thunderstorms of summer.

In the garden at Applegarth

Here you will also find magnificent gardens, with exotic plants from Australia, Europe, North America, the Himalayas, China and Japan. The gardens of Hogsback are an attraction that brings several gardening tour groups from as far as Cape Town and Johannesburg every year.

A range of excellent accommodation is provided by several Hotels, Bed-and-Breakfast establishments, Self-catering Cottages, and Backpackers and Camping facilities. Something to suit every taste and every budget.

Some of the oil paintings in Diana Graham&'s Eco-Shrine

Hogsback is home to several accomplished artists, including painters, potters, poets, musicians, singers, and photographers. They, as well as many other active and retired professional and business people live a rich personal and community life here. Hogsback has an active garden club, book clubs, and a chamber music group. A number of parents on Hogsback home-school their children.

Hogsback Parkrun

Hogsback Parkrun
The Hogsback Parkrun takes place on The Bluff in Hogsback every Saturday morning at 8 am. Start and end points at The Edge.

Hogsback offers so much to those who want to break away from the rush of city life - walking, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, bird watching, and mountain climbing. Or you can simply relax, enjoy an aromatherapy massage, Indian head and shoulders massage, reflexology, or just enjoy reading a book.

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