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The Nursery at Applegarth

Members of the Royal Horticultural Society

Applegarth Gardens and NurseryApplegarth Gardens and Nursery exemplify the beauty and serenity of Hogsback. The Gardens are approximately 4 ha in extent, and the owners justifiably take great pride in them.

The south-west facing slopes of Applegarth are ideal for the successful culture of Rhododendrons. These slopes dry slowly, moss grows readily, and this is the ideal medium for the germination of Rhododendron seed.

From October to June a variety of mushrooms can be seen at Applegarth. These include three varieties of the Boletus mushroom, namely edulis (Cep), the Poplar (Leccinum duriusculum) and the Chestnut Bolete (Gyroporus castaneus). Three varieties of the Amanita mushroom also grow prolifically including the strikingly red fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) with its spots of white.

Applegarth Gardens and NurseryThe Nursery offers frost hardy shrubs and trees from the garden, many of which are relatively rare in South Africa and not readily found in large commercial nurseries. There is in particular a good variety of deciduous azaleas.


All tours of the Gardens are guided by one of the owners.
Group tours (e.g. tourist groups, Garden Clubs, etc.) are particularly welcome.

Like all gardens, the optimum time to view the Gardens is early morning
or late afternoon, i.e. in the cool of the day.
The very rich bird life is also best seen at these times.

Visits to Applegarth Gardens and Nursery are by arrangement.
Please contact the owners.
Tel: 045 962 1228  or 
079 496 3076